Ag Related Forms and Documents

Marathon County Agriculture: Value and Economic Impact (PDF, 441 KB)
Farmer to Farmer Website (Hay, Forage and Corn List)
Custom Operator List (PDF,  496 KB)
Fertilizer Price Survey Summary Nov 16 (PDF, 35KB)
Prevented Planting Options for Insured Wisconsin Farmers June 2013 (PDF, 95 KB)
Spring Pasture Management Tips 2013 (PDF,  104KB)
Wisconsin Ag Land Prices 
Wisconsin County Cash Rental Rates (PDF, 382 KB)
USDA Wisconsin Customer Rate Guide (PDF, 252 KB)
High Moisture Ear Corn Pricing Table (Excel Spreadsheet. 55 KB))
High Moisture Shell Corn Pricing Table (Excel Spreadsheet, 61 KB)
Wisconsin Custom Manure Applicators Equipment Listing (PDF, 189 KB)


Rental Agreements for Farm Buildings and Livestock Facilities (PDF, 1090 KB)
Cash Farm Lease (8 Pages) (PDF, 67 KB)
Cash Farm Lease (1 Page) (PDF,  68 KB)


North Central FARM MANAGEMENT Extension Committee Leases Publications and Forms


Economic Costs and Labor Efficiencies Associated With Raising Dairy Calves (915 KB)
Economics of Model Dairy Farms 2016 Part II
2013 Cost of Raising Replacements Factsheet v2 (PDF, 765 KB)
Producing Poultry on Pasture (PDF 3 MB)
Pasture Poultry Ark (PDF 2 MB)
Poultry in Urban Areas (PDF 2 MB)
Guide to Raising Healthy Chickens (PDF 1 MB)
Getting The Herd You Want Through Improved Genetic Selection (PDF, 395 KB)
Occurrence and Treatment of Mastitis on Organic Dairy Farms (PDF, 2 MB)
Bull Reproductive Health Fact Sheet (PDF, 319 KB)
UW Extension Holstein Steer Finishing Yardage-Summary (PDF, 305 KB)
 Dairy Modernization Building Cost Estimates (PDF 198 KB)
Beef Related Facilities – Building Cost Estimates (PDF, 1 MB)
Size and Weight Comparisons for IoH and AgCMV (PDF, 202 KB)
Beginning Farmer Packet (PDF, 285 KB)
Instructions For Recycling Your Ag Plastics (PDF, 799 KB)
Agricultural Fence Law (PDF, 145 KB)


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