FoodWIse Program

The FoodWise Program is a federally-funded grant program providing educational programming on nutrition, food safety, and fitness to low-income youth and adults of Marathon County. The goal of the FoodWIse Program of Marathon County is to work in partnership with others to provide nutrition education to limited-income individuals that empower them to make healthy choices that are consistent with the food guide pyramid.

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Spring 2023


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Adult Education

Adult education is provided in many ways. Older adults can discover how tasty “heart healthy” cooking can be. Marathon County is home to a large population of Southeast Asians. This provides an excellent opportunity to experience cross-cultural exchanges of foods and ideas for all age groups.

Adult education is provided in many ways in our program. Thousands of Marathon County residents benefit annually from nutrition messages found in our “learn while you wait” brochures and displays. “Learn while you wait” sites including Women, Infants, and Children clinics and various food pantries give us an opportunity to educate adults in the county.

The Family Resource Center offers an additional avenue to educate adults in a classroom setting. Parents learn about basic nutrition and feeding guidelines for children as part of their Learning Essentials About Parenting (LEAP) twelve-week program.

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