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Marathon County Leaders Federation recognizes youth and adults for their contributions to the 4-H program. All youth are encouraged to apply for an award or recognition. Please nominate adult volunteers for their service to our organization. All forms and applications are due back to the UW Extension office by October 15.

Youth, Adult, and Club Award Forms

Project Award Form (all youth) Fillable PDF
Rank Award Form (all youth) Fillable PDF
Adult Award Application (nomination form for 3 different awards) Fillable PDF
Club Community Service Award Application (club nomination) Fillable PDF

Older Youth Recognition and Scholarships: 

2nd Chance Opportunity Now Open!  Return applications by February 15!

Youth, 6th grade and older, have the opportunity to apply for a travel scholarship, college scholarship, or leadership award.  New this year: Youth will complete and turn in a cover letter, resume, award preference sheet, and reference form. Youth will also participate in a short interview where they will highlight their skills and share their reasons for attending the trip or receiving the award. Interviews will be in person. If necessary, college students may request a virtual interview.

See handbook below for more information.  Still have questions?  Contact Holly at

Applications Essentials Workshop – Mon. Oct 3rd; 6:00-7:30pm

Registration by Sept 28th:

(Youth who attend get 10 points added to their final scores:)

Check out the Applications Essentials Handbook for tips and application information. 2nd Chance – Handbook
For more specific information on each statewide 4-H travel or leadership experience go to: Statewide 4-H Travel and Leadership Opportunities

Secretary Forms

Attendance Record Fillable PDF
Club Meeting Minutes Sheet Fillable PDF

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