4-H Clubs in Marathon County

For additional information about enrolling in the 4-H program, contact the 4-H office.

Marathon County 4-H District Map


Club General and Co-Leader Meeting Time & Place

Lisa Kumfer  608-347-0137

Kathe Breitenfeldt  715-571-5503


4th Monday, 6:30 PM @ New Hope Community Church Gymnasium
Hewitt Hustlers Jade Betts 2nd Sunday, 3:00 PM @ Hewitt Town Hall
Lakeside Rebecca Rogalla 3rd Thursday, 6:30 PM @ Lakeside Ballroom
Plover Valley Krystle Fandrey  715-216-8351 2nd Monday, 6:00 PM @ Birnamwood Middle School

Jacky Luetschwager  715-297-0197

Stacy Schmoll

3rd Monday, 7:00 PM @ Ringle Town Hall
Riverside 4-H Tonia Carter 1st Monday, 6:00 PM @ Riverside Elementary School


Club General and Co-Leader Meeting Time and Place
Athens Acres Jennifer Lipinski  715-574-2419 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 PM @ Athens High School, Music Room
Brighton Recneps

Jackie Soback  715-659-5186

Val Bauer 715-659-2413


2nd Sunday, 6:30 PM @ Brighton Town Hall
Cherokee Chums

Jay Heeg


4th Sunday 7:30 PM @ Town of Hull (September-May)

4th Monday 7:30 PM @ Cherokee Park (June-August)

Hamburg Happy Hearts

Stacy Roesler  715-218-7789


St Peter Lutheran Church – Little Chicago 

Check Facebook for meeting dates and times

Milan Kountry Kids

Jodi Hinderliter  715-465-0104

Meeting times vary at Johnson Town Hall

Contact Jodi for dates and times

Rib View Ramblers

Nina Conn  715-551-7596


2nd Saturday, 9:00 AM @ Rib Falls Town Hall
Wien Wildcats

Fay Niemann  715-615-0405


2nd Sunday, 7:00 PM @ Wien Town Hall


Club General and Co-Leader Meeting Time and Place
Good Friends

Lynn and James Berndt, 715-845-5240


3rd Thursday, 6:00 PM @ Town of Wausau Town Hall

Theresa Stubbe  715-675-9986

Marie Stubbe  715-571-1766

3rd Monday, 6:30 PM @ Stubbe Residence, 234957 Engman Dr, Wausau
Taking the Reins

Missy Pla  715-571-3543

2nd Sunday, 4:00 PM @ Biggby Coffee Rib Mountain (October-May)

2nd Sunday, 4:00 PM @ Marathon Park (June-September)

Naugart Knights

Martha Luckey, Athens, 715-675-7219


3rd Monday, 7:30 PM @ Berlin Town Hall
North Maine

Dr. Becky Myszka


3rd Sunday, 4:00 PM @ Maine School Gymnasium
Rib Mountaineers

Linda Standiford  715-359-7180

3rd Monday, 6:30 PM @ South Mountain Elementary
Trapp River North Stars Melissa Raddatz 3rd Thursday, 6:30 PM @ Town of Texas Municipal Center


Club General and Co-Leader Meeting Time and Place
Casa Mara Tina Rauen  715-443-6272 1st Sunday, 6:30 PM @ Cassel Town Hall
Central Wisconsin Trailblazers

Michelle Lampe  715-443-2494

Marathon City Village Hall

Contact Michelle for dates and times

Everest Eagles Jennifer Loucks 3rd Tuesday, 7 PM @ St. Mark School, Rothschild
Halder Hornets Barb Kaiser 715-693-2206 2nd Sunday, 5 PM @ Green Valley Town Hall
Kountry Kousins Jennifer Ruthe 2nd Thursday, 7 PM @ Knowlton Town Hall
Kronenwetter Kids  Michelle Klatt  
Mosinee Mavericks

Wanda Pecha  715-370-0537

3rd Monday, 4:00 PM @ Mosinee Elementary School Community Room
Peplin Pioneers

Sue Romatowski  715-693-1047

Shelly Smerchek  715-342-0306



3rd Sunday, 4:00 PM @ Peplin VFW


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