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4-H Charter & Renewal Process

4-H Clubs must have a 4-H charter. The 4-H Charter formally recognizes a group’s affiliation with 4-H and grants the group permission to use the 4-H Name and Emblem. It provides the permission for the 4-H club to be a subsidiary of National 4-H Headquarters and eligibility for federal tax exemption status. All 4-H groups and committees that use the 4-H Name and Emblem and handle finances and have a checkbook must be chartered. This includes accepting donations and fundraising.

Charter Google Form Submission


2021 Fillable Audit Checklist

2021 Annual Financial Report

SMART Goals Supplemental Document

4-H Club Handouts for Project Leaders

Risk Management Check-list

Project Meeting Plan

It’s Time to Update the Club Bylaws!

4-H Club Officer & Youth Leader Training Resources

Looking for a creative way to teach your club officers about leadership? Find resources to help at: Youth Leader Resources

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