Artificial Insemination Course

Overall Goal of Course is to give the learner exposure to Artificial Insemination Technique so they can breed their own cattle.

Topics include: Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, AI Technique, AI Equipment, Heat Detection, Estrous Synchronization Protocols, Bull Selection, and Pregnancy Detection.

Program Format: Agriculture Educators with the University of Wisconsin – Division of Extension designed this workshop to teach farmers how to breed their own cattle. Curricula for this program teaches farmers about the hormones involved in the estrous cycle and how to manipulate them through synchronization. 

This course features a hybrid format with two evening educational sessions via Zoom and two in-person sessions on the farm, allowing participants to work with cattle. This course typically runs in April and October of every year.

The Artificial Insemination Program features an interactive and fun approach to learning about breeding cattle.  Hands-on activities are used throughout the program to assist participants in learning about breeding their cattle.

A certificate of completion is awarded to those who successfully complete the program. 

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