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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management: An Overview for Market Growers

While meant for market growers, this Integrated Pest Management guide presents an overview to Integrated Pest Management. IPM is a holistic approach to garden pest management. It uses many tools to predict and prevent pest activity before it takes hold, reducing the need for pesticides. The goal isn’t to eradicate pests, but to keep them at a managable level. Note, IPM is not organic gardening, but they have similar principals and do overlap.

Urban Agriculture Manual-IPM

This is another overview of the Integrated Pest Management approach.

Managing insect pest in the home vegetable garden

This beautiful Extension publication describes insect identification and control measures.

Pest Identification and Pesticides

UW Online Insect ID Tool

Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic Pest Fact Sheets

Lawn and Garden Pesticides

National Pesticide Information Center Collection of Wisconsin Resources

Diseases and Fungicides

Plant Disease and Diagnostics Clinic

Plant Disease and Diagnostic Clinic Fact Sheet

Home Garden Fungicides


Significant Pests for Marathon County

Jumping Worms

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