Gardening for Pollinators

Did you know that pollinators are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food that we eat? Pollinator decline is a serious problem and habitat loss is one of the major causes. The good news is each of us has a role in mitigating pollinator decline. This program covers how to grow pollinator loving plants, […]

Spotted Lanternfly is Knocking at Your Door!

In recent news, spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula), an invasive insect species native to Asia, has been sighted in Illinois. Spotted Lanternfly is not a threat to humans but poses a significant threat to various plant species. Learn more about Spotted Lanternfly. To learn more and register for the class, go to

Growing Tomatoes (almost) Anywhere!

Not all tomatoes are created equal. Red Robin tomatoes are a dwarf tomato variety that can be grown in a six inch pot. Even if you have limited space (apartment dwellers!), you might be able to find a place to squeeze these mighty little tomatoes. Come join us and learn how to be successful with […]

Seed Saving

Seed saving is a practice that humans have been doing throughout their history. To learn more and register for the class, go to

No Mow May

“No Mow May” has become a catchy phrase in Wisconsin, encouraging homeowners to allow their lawns to grow during May. But does this practice actually support pollinators? Join us to learn about how an unmowed lawn impacts (or may impact) pollinators and how you can support pollinators all year long. We will share science-based resources […]

Grilled Cheese Competition

The Marathon County Grilled Cheese competition is organized by the University of Wisconsin – Madison Division of Extension. The competition will be held on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Competitors will have 30 minutes to create one delicious grilled cheese sandwich from the ingredients provided. Registration is due to the Extension Marathon County office by […]


Have you looked with wonder at orchids, but decided they were too complicated to try at home? In this program, we will cover the conditions you need to provide to help your orchids thrive. We’ll learn about proper water and fertilizer management, light and temperature requirements, and how to coax them to flower again. This […]

Wisconsin State Fair 2024 Farm and Home Applications

The 2024 Wisconsin State Fair Sesquicentennial and Century Farms applications are now available. Deadline to apply is March 1, 2024. Please contact Jill Albanese at 414-777-0580 or with any questions. 2024 Century Farm and Home Application 2024 Sesquicentennial Farm and Home Application

Extension Central News Fall 2023

Check out the latest fall edition of Extension Central News. The mission is to be the primary sources of research based agricultural information and education for the agricultural community in Central Wisconsin. Extension Central News Fall 2023

Come Derby with Us!

Come Derby with Us!  Do you have a youth that is interested in cars and racing?  Then we have the event for you.  Pinewood Derby is an event that allows youth to decorate wooden cars that can then be raced for fun. If your youth is interested in creating and racing a derby car, sign-up […]

Choosing Herbaceous Ornamentals

Ornamental plants add enjoyment and therapeutic benefits to our lives, but they require proper care to perform their best. In this class, you’ll learn about growing annuals for specific purposes, selecting perennials, and general perennial maintenance. For registration and more information go to

Equipage – Peer to Peer Rental Site for Agriculturalists

The first of its kind, Equipage is a posting site to provide equitable access to farm equipment and tools. It is often difficult for beginning, and even experienced, farmers to borrow, rent, or contract equipment they need in a timely and affordable manner. Equipage was created to facilitate those relationships. Functioning similar to Craigslist or Facebook […]

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