Come Derby with Us!

Come Derby with Us!  Do you have a youth that is interested in cars and racing?  Then we have the event for you.  Pinewood Derby is an event that allows youth to decorate wooden cars that can then be raced for fun. If your youth is interested in creating and racing a derby car, sign-up […]

Bring Them Inside

As the nightly temperatures turn cold, it is time to bring our plants inside for the season. The transition indoors can be very stressful on plants. In this program, we will cover considerations to help reduce the stress, including light, fertilizer, pests, and watering. For registration and more information, go to

Sustainable Lawn Care

What does it mean to have an organic lawn? How does that compare with reduced risk turf management? Can you have a beautiful lawn and reduce the amount of inputs like fertilizers and pesticides? In this program we will cover specific strategies to improve your lawn’s health while reducing the risk to the environment. For […]

Choosing Herbaceous Ornamentals

Ornamental plants add enjoyment and therapeutic benefits to our lives, but they require proper care to perform their best. In this class, you’ll learn about growing annuals for specific purposes, selecting perennials, and general perennial maintenance. For registration and more information go to

Equipage – Peer to Peer Rental Site for Agriculturalists

The first of its kind, Equipage is a posting site to provide equitable access to farm equipment and tools. It is often difficult for beginning, and even experienced, farmers to borrow, rent, or contract equipment they need in a timely and affordable manner. Equipage was created to facilitate those relationships. Functioning similar to Craigslist or Facebook […]

Determining a Fair Price for Oats and Peas

Calls and questions about the value of standing forage crops in the field for the upcoming growing season are already beginning. The most important thing to understand is when I get these types of questions it is not my intent to “set the price” for any given commodity, but instead to offer up some considerations […]

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