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UW Madison Division of Extension

Extension’s mission is to connect people with the University of Wisconsin. Thanks to joining forces with UW-Madison, we’ll strengthen each other through exchanging experience and research statewide. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in Wisconsin, you’ll find the support you need as we continue to bring our home state together, community by community.

Marathon County Core Values

These core values are principles for which we stand and provide us direction on how people are to conduct themselves as representatives of Marathon County:

  • SERVICE is responsively delivering on our commitments to all of our internal and external customers.
  • INTEGRITY is honesty, openness, and demonstrating mutual respect and trust in others.
  • QUALITY is providing public services that are reflective of “best practices” in the field.
  • DIVERSITY is actively welcoming and valuing people with different perspectives and experiences.
  • SHARED PURPOSE is functioning as a team to attain our organizational goals and working collaboratively with our policy makers, departments, employees, and customers.
  • STEWARDSHIP OF OUR RESOURCES is conserving the human, natural, cultural, and financial resources for current and future generations.

Extension, Education and Economic Development Committee

Mission/Purpose: Provide the leadership for implementation of the Strategic Plan, monitoring outcomes, reviewing, and recommending to the County Board all policies related to educational and economic development initiatives of Marathon County.

Committee Members:

  • Rick Seefeldt, Chair
  • Becky Buch, Vice Chair
  • Bobby Niemeyer
  • Yee Leng Xiong
  • Kim Ungerer
  • David Baker
  • Tom Rosenberg
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