Horse Project

Horse Project Forms:

Wisconsin Valley Fair Horse Forms 2021

Master Horseman Guidelines & Application

Liability Release Form – Horseless Horse Project

Wisconsin Valley Fair Horse Education

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Horse Barn Rules:

1. All horses are expected to enter and leave the barn through the WEST doors! (Those are the doors on the end nearest the Horse Arena.) Only people will be using the doors on the East end of the building. This will make the road between the horse barn and the cattle barns safer from traffic and cleaner with less manure.

2. Each stall will have a designated board to identify the horse and exhibitor and to hang ribbons. The board will be 20” tall and 30” wide. It will be permanently attached to the stall, either below the window or on the door to the stall. You must remove all staples and decorations from the board before the end of the fair.

3. No club decorations will be allowed that are not attached to the stall boards described in #2. No staples or decorations can be attached to the stalls. All window areas are to remain uncovered.

4. All bedding and is to be taken out of the stall and pushed into the aisles by the end of the day on Sunday. The empty stall is expected to be clean when you leave.



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