Learning Outcomes & Resources


  • SCI.CC4.3-5.  Students understand a system is a group of related parts that make up a whole and can carry out functions its individual parts cannot. They also describe a system in terms of its components and their interactions.
  • SCI.LS1.A.4.  Plants and animals have both internal and external macroscopic structures that allow for growth, survival, behavior, and reproduction.
  • SCI.CC6.3-5.  Students understand different materials have different substructures, which can sometimes be observed; and substructures have shapes and parts that serve functions.
  • SCI.CC7.3-5.  Students measure change in terms of differences over time, and observe that change may occur at different rates. They understand some systems appear stable, but over long periods of time they will eventually change.
  • Connecting Gardening Curriculum to State Education Standards


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