Wheels to Work

Wheels to Work logoThis program offers low-cost vehicles and repairs to struggling Marathon County families and individuals. The program also connects individuals with financial guidance and community help agencies. Wheels to Work requires individuals to go through financial management classes, a vehicle maintenance class, and one-on-one budgeting in order to qualify for assistance.

About Wheels to Work

Wheels to Work program assists families and individuals to overcome transportation obstacles.  We empower stakeholders and recipients by bridging community resources to meet their needs through education and basic assistance. The Wisconsin Automotive & Truck Education Association (WATEA) is the lead sponsoring agency for the Wheels to Work program.

For more information about the Wheels to Work program, visit the WATEA website, or contact Laura Krause, Mobility Manager, Forward Service Corporation at 715-803-6693, or by email lkrause@fsc-corp.org



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