Artificial Insemination Class

When: Online: Sept 28th and 30th, 7—9 pm

            In-person: October 7th, 1—3 pm and October 8th, 9 am-Noon

Where:   Bach Farms

               W861 Co Rd A

               Dorchester, WI 54425

This four partial day workshop is designed for educating beef and dairy producers about:

  • The benefits of using Artificial Insemination instead of a bull
  • The importance of proper heat detection and the tools available to help you detect heat
  • Learning various estrous synchronization protocols to use in their herds.

This course includes both classroom and on-farm activities.

Topics to be covered:

Reproductive Anatomy and AI Technique

This section will quickly review the key components of the female reproductive tract. We will also discuss how to palpate, pass the cervix, and position the insemination rod for optimal fertility within the female reproductive tract.

Physiology and  Estrous Synchronization Protocols

This section will cover the hormones involved in the regulation of the estrous cycle, their function, and how we can manipulate them to time breeding.

Bull Selection

This section will explain how to read sire proofs, and discuss how each number in the sire proof is calculated.

Pregnancy Detection

This section will explain different methods of pregnancy detection.

AI Equipment and Heat Detection Aids

Explanation of equipment involved in storing and thawing semen, inseminating cows, and heat detection aids.

Reproductive tracts, semen handling, and Practice with cows

During this session, participants will work with reproductive tracts and practice handling and thawing semen and loading it into the insemination gun.

Practice with cows

Students will be asked to demonstrate the proper method of inseminating cows

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