December 4-H Project of the Month: Cake Decorating

About the 4-H Cake Decorating Project:

Cake Decorating is one of the more popular 4-H projects in Marathon County. It allows youth to explore both the art of making beautifully looking cakes and gingerbread, but also the science behind the consistency of ingredients, colors of frosting, and materials to make creations stronger.

In this project you can:

  • Experiment with different decorating tips
  • Make flat surface flowers and flowers on a nail
  • Consider cake size, shape, decorating placement, and number of servings
  • Study the principles of element and design used in cake decorating
  • and more!

Wisconsin 4-H Cake Decorating Project

Activities to “Learn by Doing”:

  • Bake a one layer cake or cupcakes. Try using food coloring and frosting to make a holiday design. How much food coloring is enough? What tools help make decorating the cakes easier?
  • Practice your handwriting in frosting techniques by using a decorating bag, decorating tips, and a piece of contact paper. Are certain tips more legible than others?
  • Try making your own gingerbread house and people. Then utilize frosting and candies to decorate. Think about the color pallet you are using and other elements of design.

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