Upcoming Extension Programs Featured in Central Time Newsletter

Farm Ready Research Webinar Series

Farm Ready Research is Extension’s agriculture winter webinar meeting series for farmers and ag professionals.

Join the webinars to learn the most up-to-date information on topics from dairy and livestock production to farm management resources. Sessions begin December 2020 and run through April 2021.

Research series areas for December and January:

  • Badger Dairy Insight
  • Beef
  • Farm Management Fridays

For full class details and to register, click here

Starting Seeds Indoors Class

The North Central Wisconsin Master Gardener Association would like to invite the public to join their January program: Starting Seeds Indoors. In this program we will cover everything you will need to start vegetable and flower seeds indoors. We’ll discuss things to consider when purchasing seed, containers, and growing media. We will learn how to apply important techniques in the sowing and growing seedlings, and how to successfully plant the seedlings outdoors. Register here: https://marathon.extension.wisc.edu/2020/11/13/starting-seeds-indoors/

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