2020 Seroogy’s Candy Sale Cancelled

The Marathon County 4-H Leaders Federation voted on March 23 to suspend the 2020 candy sale. This is due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Uncertainty of when the social distancing direction will be lifted
  • Financial burdens that local families are/will be facing4-H
  • Limited time left on this fiscal year to distribute bars and collect monies


  1. What if my club already submitted payment for candy bars and/or a buyout?
    1. Club checks that were deposited on/or before March 12 will be refunded to the clubs. Club checks that were received after March 12 will be voided.
  2. What if I already paid my club for my family’s candy for 2020?
    1. Please work with your club Treasurer to get your money reimbursed
  3. How will this impact the 4-H Leaders Federation’s budget for 2019-2020?
    1. Due to not holding the fundraiser, the Leaders Federation will neither incur the candy expenses, nor the income from selling the bars. This impact will be limited due to program cancellations and alterations for 2020.
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