2020 Marathon County Summer Camps Canceled

15 April 2020 

Dear 4-H Families, 

We hope that you are doing well during these challenging COVID-19 pandemic times.  We recognize the efforts that every family is making to try and respond to and cope with school closings, work changes, social distancing, and more. We hope that Extension resources are helping you during this time of self-quarantine. 

We are disappointed to announce that we have canceled all 2020 overnight summer camps.  Safety and quality programming are our absolute priorities. We feel this cancellation was necessary because of the severity of the pandemic, its uncertain end dateand the challenges involving effective camp counselor training and great camp planning. At this point, UW-Madison Division of Extension has cancelled all in-person activities with 50 or more people through the end of June. It is likely that this will be extendedThose unfortunate facts led us to make our decision to cancel.   

We empathize with all campers and camp counselors who were looking forward to summer camp in 2020. We understand your frustrations as many of us have put a lot of thought into camps – it’s a highlight of our summers! It was an exciting time to form a camp partnership among Clark, Marathon and Wood County 4-H programs. This partnership will lead to friendships among our campers and counselors; greater teamwork between youth members, volunteers, and staff; and inclusion of people and ideas. Collaboration offers many possibilities and we hope to offer additional team efforts in the future.  

We extend a huge thank you to our counties’ 4-H members, families, and supporters for your continued support. Despite the changes, many of you adapted towards virtual efforts to keep 4-H running and we are extremely grateful. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your county’s 4-H Coordinator. 


Stay well, 

Kaitlyn Bernarde                                Laura Huber                                     Michael Rusin 

Extension Marathon County            Extension Wood County                 Extension Clark County  

kaitlyn.bernarde@wisc.edu             laura.huber@wisc.edu                    michael.rusin@wisc.edu  


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