Join the 4-H Leaders Federation!

Extension Marathon County with the help of the Marathon County 4-H Leaders’ Federation, conduct the local 4-H program. It is responsible for carrying out organized learning experiences for 4-H members and for making improvements in the 4-H program. All leaders and interested parents are members of the Federation.

Representatives are added to the Federation each Fall at the Fall District Meeting, and serve

  • Adults: three year term
  • Youth: a one year term

The Executive Board is made up of members of the Federation who are elected at the November Meeting. Positions include the President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, they are responsible for:

  1. The Marathon County 4-H program and the welfare of its leaders and members.
  2. Adopting a budget for the Marathon County Leaders’ Federation which supports 4-H activities.
  3. Determining the agenda for the Leaders’ Federation meetings.

The Marathon County 4-H Leaders Federation is seeking a Treasurer. This is a paid position. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • 4-H leader manage finances
  • Writes checks
  • Maintains records
  • Creates invoices
  • Communicate with Federation, accountants and Extension office.
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