4-H Updates 11.2

Here are a few updates, reminders, and new county events:

  • November 5M.A.S.S. Committee Meeting 7pm, 212 River Drive
  • November 11 – Memories Ballroom
    1. 10:00am Making decorations for the Holiday Parade
  1. Each club is asked to decorate a cardboard box to help make “Who-Ville” for our holiday float. Decorating supplies will be provided—bring a box.
    1. 12:00 Banquet meal TODAY is the Deadline to register! (Details and registration here)
    2. 12:30 Banquet program
    3. 1:30 Special Leaders Federation meeting to approve the budget
  1. Since all 4 districts were not represented at the meeting last Saturday, a short special meeting was scheduled to approve the 2019 budget
  • November 14Cultivating Creativity: Pumpkin Planters (Details and registration here)
  • November 15V.I.P. Training (Details and registration here)
    1. This is the first training for 2018-19. Additional trainings will be scheduled in January
  • November 20Junior Fair Board Meeting 6-8pm, 212 River Drive
  • November 30Wausau Holiday Parade
    1. 3:30 Start to assemble the float, face paint at 212 River Drive (back parking lot)
    2. 5:30 line-up at Marathon Park
    3. 6:30 Parade starts
    4. 8:30 (Appx.) 4-H Holiday Party at 212 River Drive **FREE**
  • December 1 –Officer Training 9-11am (Details and registration here)
    1. Each club is strongly encouraged to have at least one officer attend. Depending on interest, will send out carpooling details after November 26
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