Welcoming our New Marathon County Horticulture Educator

Please join us in welcoming our new Horticulture Educator, Brianna Wright.

Brianna graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point in 2005, with a B.S. in Biology and with minors in Conservation Biology and Resource Management. She traveled to Wyoming and studied invasive species persistence and abundance in the 1988 burned areas of Yellowstone National Park.  Completing her M.S. in Botany at the University of Wyoming in 2007, she was hired by the Botany Department as an educator for the Life Sciences Program in Wyoming, where she served in many capacities over the years, including: lecturer, lab coordinator, freshman advisor, and administrator of the 1000-3000-level biology curriculum.

Brianna feels fortunate to have had the privilege of teaching a range of individuals in the past, from preschoolers and high school science students, to at-risk freshman college students and senior honor students, to K-16 educators, and beyond.  She developed new courses for at-risk freshman populations and wrote plant and fungal biology laboratory manuals. She has led seminars and workshops focused on best practices in biology education, organized articulations for educators across the state of Wyoming, and helped to develop the Learning Actively Mentorship Program as one of the programmatic elements of Wyoming’s Science Initiative.  She believes that her past experiences and leadership training has prepared her well to serve as Marathon County’s Horticulture Educator, and is looking forward to the many partnerships, innovative programs, and positive collaborations that lie ahead.

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